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Peter Bunn is an independent consultant specializing in soil and plant nutrition.  Pete develops crop nutrient programs for diversified farmers, greenhouse and orchard growers, landscapers, arborists, golf courses, sports turf, and nurseries. 

Pete is a certified professional agronomist with the American Society of Agronomy (2000) and a member of the Brookside Society of Professional Consultants (1995).

Pete earned a B.S. in Tropical Agriculture Production and Technology in 1983 from the

University of Hawaii CTAHR Manoa and was a commercial grower for seven years.  Pete has been consulting with Hawaii growers since 1994 and has cooperated with GoFarm Hawaii since 2012.

Pete’s main goal is to develop cost-effective and environmentally sound crop nutrient programs that are designed to optimize crop vigor, yield, and quality.

Crop Nutrients Solutions, Inc. relies upon Brookside Laboratories, Inc. for all its analytical testing.









For more information, please contact Pete Bunn at (808) 386-4120.  You may also email him by clicking here.


Samples can be mailed to Pete Bunn at:

41-027 Hilu St.

Waimanalo, HI 96795

Analysis By:

Pete designs nutrient programs based on the evaluation of lab analysis done on soil or media, plant tissue, irrigation water, fertigation solution, composts, manures and soil amendments.  These programs can be fine tuned via crop inspections. 

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