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Soil Analysis
Tissue Analysis
Water Analysis
Amendment Analysis
Feed Analysis
Fertilizer Analysis
Interpretation and Recommendations
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The Value of Lab Testing

Analytical testing is an important part of a comprehensive crop management program. Soil nutrient excess and/or deficiency are among the most common causes of plant stress and poor growth.  Balanced fertility is essential to sustaining vigorous crops.


Soil nutrients must be analyzed in order to evaluate fertility. Without the regular use of reliable soil test data, it is unlikely that soil amendments and fertilizers will be applied in the proper amounts over time.

Soil texture, organic matter, CEC, water retention, permeability, bulk density, and other parameters can be analyzed as well.  Brookside Labs also offers a series of tests that evaluate soil health and quality


Plant tissue analysis is used to diagnose nutrient deficiencies, monitor nutrient trends, and fine-tune nutrient programs. 


Irrigation water analysis evaluates the suitability of well water, reusable waste water, or surface water for irrigation. 

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